HAWK: Our Flagship Instrument

HAWK Pyrolysis and TOC instrument
  • Performs rapid and accurate analysis on cuttings, core and outcrop samples.
  • Can be used at the well-site or in a laboratory.
  • Suited for evaluation of both conventional and unconventional petroleum resources.

Get your TOC and pyrolysis with precision, accuracy, reliability and integrated assessment of resources.

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Leasing options are available (U.S. only) from Byline Financial Group.

HAWK-Eye Software

Your data control center for the HAWK Instrument.

HAWK Multiramp Pyrolysis method

Used to estimate mobile oil in place and rate the producibility of your Unconventional prospects. Read more about this in Application Notes.

      • Efficiently setup and analyze data with advanced feature such as our dynamic sequence building.
      • Visualize analysis in real-time while simultaneously evaluating and generating reports in multiple windows.
      • Fully customizable reporting capabilities to a wide array of formats.
      • Database driving application allows instantaneous data retrieval based on your criteria, all data always available anytime.