HAWK Pyrolysis-GC

HAWK GC Instrument coming soon text - mid-2022

With HAWK-GC Pyrolysis instrument analyze drill cuttings and quantitate as much of the light hydrocarbons as possible.

  • Automated for multiple samples

  • Integrated cryofocusing

  • Composition of S1 and S2

HAWK GC rock analysis pyrogram showing you can choose which part of pyrolysis analysis you inject into GC for analysis
High Resolution

Fast GC capable

Improved Targeting

Considerable quantities of light hydrocarbons (C20-) are lost:

  • during retrieval of drill cuttings at the well-site

  • during both transit to storage locations

  • when crushing the drill cuttings for laboratory analyses

HAWK-GC chromatogram showing considerable loss of C20- hydrocarbons from well site