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HAWK Pyrolysis-GC

With HAWK-GC Pyrolysis instrument analyze drill cuttings and quantitate as much of the light hydrocarbons as possible.

  • Automated for multiple samples

  • Integrated cryofocusing

  • Composition of S1 and S2

HAWK GC rock analysis pyrogram showing you can choose which part of pyrolysis analysis you inject into GC for analysis
HAWK-GC bangers font glow transparent.png
High Resolution

Fast GC capable

Improved Targeting

Considerable quantities of light hydrocarbons (C20-) are lost:

  • during retrieval of drill cuttings at the well-site

  • during both transit to storage locations

  • when crushing the drill cuttings for laboratory analyses

HAWK-GC chromatogram showing considerable loss of C20- hydrocarbons from well site
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