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Support Services

At Wildcat Technologies, our goal is to provide the best customer service and user experience in the industry. Right from the beginning, our engineers will be onsite with you for a minimum of three days explaining:

  • Explaining the instrument, services, expectations and addressing any questions

  • Training your team on the HAWK Instrument and HAWK-Eye software

  • Maintaining and caring for your new HAWK Instrument

After installation, we are always available, with most responses within 24 hours.  We strive to provide the best customer service and user experience in the industry. Most requests will be handled within 24 hours - via phone, chat, email or remote/internet. We also provide an Online Support Center for customers that includes documentation, FAQs and more.

Visit our Support Center
  • Check crucibles and screens

  • Clean and Calibrate CO detector

  • Replace Water trap consumables

  • Check O-rings

  • Replace Filters

  • Cleaning split line and oven

  • Cleaning FID

Maintenance Schedule

Regular maintenance of the HAWK Instrument will keep your instrument running with the precision and accuracy providing superior results with minimal repairs needed.  This maintenance schedule will vary depending on the types/quality of samples analyzed - please visit our Support Documents page for more detailed information.

Most consumables and spare parts are in-stock and available for quick shipment.   We strive to minimize downtime and understand how critical it can be to the operations of our customers. 

All parts are available for purchase from our store.
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