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About Us

Wildcat Technologies started in 2010 with an idea to revolutionize laboratory and well-site pyrolysis instrumentation for the oil and gas industry.

In 2010, Julie joined Wildcat Technologies in charge of Operations. She has oversite of accounting, purchasing and marketing. She is continuously working to improve the website and online store, as well as the blog and Support area for clients.

Julie has extended experience working in geochemistry having worked at Humble Geochemical Services alongside Daniel Jarvie. She gained experience in the geochemical laboratory preparing rock samples, operating pyrolysis instruments and, later, she managed sample login for the lab. Julie left to pursue other interests in the computer and technology field where she worked seven years studying databases, web design and network management before returning to Humble to help with database management and software implementation, as well as customer reporting. She also handled the geochemical studies available from Humble. After leaving Humble, she joined Worldwide Geochemistry assisting with all aspects of sample analysis and business management. She was promoted to President in February 2014.

In February 2012, she presented the history and geochemistry of the Humble Salt Dome field, northwestern Harris County, Texas at the annual meeting of the Petroleum History Institute. She collected oil samples for geochemical fingerprinting and assembled both the historical and geochemical record of the field. This paper is available in the Petroleum History Institute’s annual journal Volume 13.

Julie Jones


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