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Wildcat Technologies Acquires Quantum MSSV Pyrolysis rights

Updated: Apr 3

GEOS4 GmbH and Wildcat Technologies, LLC have signed an agreement whereby all rights to the Quantum MSSV-2 Thermal Analysis system, namely its brand name, the injector unit for interfacing with a gas chromatograph, its preparation oven and the supply of running spare parts, are transferred from GEOS4 GmbH to Wildcat Technologies, LLC.

The published applications of Microscale Sealed Vessel pyrolysis (MSSV; closed system) include raw data for compositional kinetic models and phase prediction, the monitoring of air pollutants, bound biomarker analysis, stable gas isotope determinations and fluid inclusion analysis. The addition of the Quantum MSSV-2 Thermal Analysis System to Wildcat's product line offers new development opportunities in not only the upstream petroleum sector but also automated analytical systems in general.

Wildcat Technologies, LLC is set to make the Quantum MSSV Pyrolysis system available for purchase by mid-2024.

Read more about Microscale Sealed Vessel pyrolysis:

B. Horsfield, F. Leistner, and K. Hall, in Principles and Practice of Analytical Techniques in Geosciences, ed. K. Grice, The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014, pp. 209-250. DOI:

microscale sealed vessel pyrolysis diagram showing oven loaded capillary tube sealed glass tube


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